United Nations Responsible for Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

United Nations Responsible for Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

"Two years after an investigator from the AP conclusively proved that the United Nations was solely responsible for the cholera outbreak in ‪‎Haiti‬ that killed almost 9,000 and infected 735,000 Haitians, UN officials continue to assert immunity to all accusations of ‪‎human rights‬ violations.

Where there is smoke there is fire. The UN’s operatives call themselves "experts" in the field of assisting victims of disasters, refugees and those in poverty. In reality, they are totally incompetent. So much so that they are not just failing to help, they are both killing people and stealing their human rights. This is not just an issue in Haiti. It is worldwide! If you give money to any organization associated with the UN you are contributing to deaths of the innocent and massive human rights violations."

-Richard Hotes

How the UN caused a massive cholera outbreak in Haiti

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