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Helping Thousands in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Helping Thousands in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Just two days after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, the Hotes Foundation team was on the ground. After seeing the severity of the destruction and the usual lack of any help being provided, our team, led by Richard Hotes, went to work, and within just a couple days had delivered weeks' supplies of food and water to thousands of victims of Hurricane Matthew. The Hotes team witnessed destruction and desperation in Jeremie but even more so in the more remote towns on the coast and in the mountains. Therefore, as has been our practice for decades, we assisted the most affected in the most difficult to reach areas. Following the remote distributions, the team went to orphanages in Jeremie and filled their cupboards with a diverse set of foods and water which should last them more than a month. Finally, Richard led a small team via helicopter to Randel, where a cholera outbreak has been ongoing and which had received no help even 10 days after Matthew had struck. We flew enough medicine to treat hundreds of patients in the remote and isolated town.

Typhoon Ketsana – Philippines: Six Years Ago This Week, Millions in Desperate Need – Hotes Foundation Volunteers Alone in Providing International Assistance

The words themselves are easy to say: mudslide, landslide, earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, tsunami. They roll off the tongue. But for those who have lived through such events, or rushed into the aftermath of natural disasters, they are more than just words. Six years ago this week, Southeast Asia experienced three natural disasters within a matter of...

Boots on the Ground: A Look Back at the Hotes Foundation’s Rebuilding of Katrina’s “Ground Zero”

Whole city blocks were missing, houses torn off their foundations and dropped in roadways, the entire city of Waveland, Mississippi—gone. Ten years ago this week Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Waveland, and just days later 50 Hotes Foundation volunteers were there. What greeted the volunteers wasn’t only incredible destruction, the carnage of a whole city...