Although the primary focus of Richard Hotes and the Hotes Foundation has been serving the poorest of the poor, that charitable outreach is sometimes extended to other worthy causes. After seeing FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly’s efforts to help severely wounded United States military veterans regain their mobility with all-terrain track wheelchairs, Richard was so moved by the gesture that he decided to help. Hotes Foundation volunteers created an obstacle course and, with the help of injured veterans, tested more than 10 types of track chairs. When none of the vehicles met the veterans’ expectations, volunteers chose the best available option and worked on a complete redesign with the chairs’ manufacturer. After a year of development and testing, a top-of-the-line track chair was created.

Hotes Foundation volunteers have traveled thousands of miles to personally deliver more than 80 track chairs to wounded veterans across the United States.

If you are a combat wounded veteran and having difficulty enjoying the outdoors with your current wheelchair, or wishing to regain your outdoor mobility, apply for a FREE track chair by clicking the button below.

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  • Thanks, Prayers, and All-Terrain Track Chairs for Veteran’s Day!
    Thanks, prayers, and all-terrain Track Chairs are items Richard Hotes brought to the home of retired U.S. Air Force Sgt. Larry ‘Coop’ Cooper. Coop was 19 years old when a Huey Gunship exploded above him in the Vietnam War, crushing his lower back, knees and legs. Although he was initially…
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    Retired Army Corp. Bucky Johnson has not been able to explore her own back yard since an accident in 2011 left her paralyzed. This fall, the Hotes Foundation delivered her a gift that promises to change that. “First time I’ve been able to get out in nature again,” she told…
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  • Veteran’s Honored with a Welcome Surprise This Fall!
    Wounded veterans across the U.S. got a welcome surprise from the Hotes Foundation this fall. Our team travelled the country hauling custom made, all terrain track chairs to personally deliver to the homes of these brave men and women. “I can finally get out of the house now” said retired…
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  • Hotes Foundation Salutes & Thanks Veterans!
    This Veterans Day the Hotes Foundation salutes all the brave men and women who have fought to protect our freedom. In their honor, we have committed to donating and personally delivering 100 tracked wheelchairs to wounded Veterans all over the country, giving back to these selfless soldiers the freedom they…
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