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The Hotes Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that does not accept donations. We are a group of volunteers working to end poverty in our lifetime. To accomplish this monumental task, we seek to transform the aid system by inciting all those who wish to help others to stop donating money, to instead go themselves, and give aid to the poorest of the poor, directly with their own hands, in areas in need around the world.

Latest From The Hotes Foundation

Haitian Team Members In America

JULY 9 - Haitian Team Members are in America! Hotes Foundation Haitian team members are in America today! James & Lenny are visiting the Seattle office and spending time with us while...

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See How a Cistern Helps Feed A Village of 700

Deforestation in Haiti has caused periodic droughts and floods throughout the country, ruining crops for struggling small farmers. As it is often the only source of income and nutrition in...

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2018 Haitian Women’s Soccer League Kicks Off!

The Hotes Foundation's 2018 Women's Soccer League is kicking off! In Haiti, where men dominate soccer, we're changing the game by taking the women from the sidelines to the goal...

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