Hotes Team Members Safe After Second Quake in Nepal

Hotes Team Members Safe After Second Quake in Nepal

The Hotes Foundation Team had been on the ground in ‪Nepal‬ since 48 hours after the devastating ‪Nepal Quake‬ on April 25th when the ground began to shake under our own feet. Part of the team were in old buildings in ‪Kathmandu‬ buying relief supplies to take to already desperate people in remote villages. The buildings began to sway, creak and crack. The team quickly escaped these buildings only to discover swaying poles and wires outside. Nearby buildings already damaged by the first quake were collapsing. People were streaming into the streets along with our team by the tens of thousands. Traffic was completely brought to a standstill.

Meanwhile, a small contingent of our team was in a helicopter over the mountains. They were safe but shocked to suddenly witness houses collapsing beneath them and multiple landslides erupt on both sides of the valley they were flying through. They immediately knew it was a second major earthquake and the first thing on their hearts and minds was the safety of the team on the ground. It was over an hour before the team in the helicopter was able to establish that miraculously the rest of the team were all safe. Over a hundred more people died in the second earthquake and about 2,000 more were injured.

If you ever doubt that prayers are answered we had over thirty team members on the ground not far from the epicenter of a 7.3 earthquake. Not one person on our team was even scratched while many others died and were seriously injured. Your prayers for us were answered... indeed in a miraculous way.

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