Hotes Foundation in Phillipines After Typhoon Ruby

Hotes Foundation in Phillipines After Typhoon Ruby

The Hotes Foundation team was in the ‪Philippines‬ on December 6th during Typhoon Ruby (‪Hagupit‬). Thank the Good Lord this time there was minimal damage. We visited many of the villages and neighborhoods we had assisted last year following Typhoon Yolanda (‪‎Haiyan‬).

Sadly, there is very little evidence of aid in the hardest hit areas even though it has been more than a year. Our friends were very happy to see us though, as we were among the few groups who provided them significant assistance when they needed it most right after Typhoon Yolanda.

richard hotes surveying damage in the phillipines after disaster

richard hotes listening to phillipino villager after disaster

richard hotes in the phillipines after ruby disaster

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