The One-Year Miracle of Baby Elijah!

The One-Year Miracle of Baby Elijah!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since Elijah, having been provided a second chance at life by being brought to the United States, escaped a certain death in Haiti. Born into a life of abject poverty, and left under a thorny bush to die, Elijah suffered from a wide range of medical conditions – none treatable, in even in the best of Haiti’s hospitals. The amazing progress Elijah has made over the course of a year is truly astounding and has turned dire medical predictions completely around. With a will that eclipses his small but growing frame, Elijah is now talking, almost walking, he can move his limbs, he can hear, see, laugh, giggle, express his wishes, and more. In fact, he can do nearly everything it was said he would never do. Every day brings a new set of accomplishments, and every day a new reason to rejoice.

The bigger story here is that Elijah is one child of out of millions that need the kind of help we’ve offered Elijah. It’s really about the millions of children that suffer a horrible fate because people write a check to an organization they know little about instead of going and investigating the situation with their own hands and feet. Take a look at the Hotes Foundation website and find out why we believe the world should change giving to going.

We love you baby Elijah!

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  1. Love this guy. Praise God. Keep up your prayers for him. More and more progress!
  2. I just met baby Elijah in Hawaii. I was humbled to hear his story and simply amazed by his strength, courage, and cheer. I wish all be success in the world to you Elijah! Although I met you only briefly, I won't ever forgot you. God bless.

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