Nepal 1 Year Later…

Nepal 1 Year Later…

One year ago today, two massive earthquakes hit the isolated mountain country of Nepal. These devastating quakes took nearly 9,000 lives, injured over 22,000, and left more than half a million people homeless.

Hotes Foundation volunteers arrived to Nepal just 48 hours after the first earthquake struck. In the next 2 weeks that followed, our team identified 66 of the worst affected villages by land and air. After buying out many stores of all their non-perishable goods our team airlifted 10 helicopter loads of relief goods including sleeping bags, boxes of noodles, bags of rice, and vitamin loaded protein powder to the most remote and mountainous village isolated by landslides triggered during the devastating earthquake.

Since that day, international donors have pledged an estimated $4.1 billion to rebuild Nepal, and yet there is still little, to no, effort being made by the international community, nor the Nepalese government, to rebuild these peoples’ homes. By far the majority of rebuilding that has been done is by the communities rebuilding themselves and private citizens who decided to Change Giving to Going and help the Nepali people directly.

We send our hearts and prayers to the hard working, resilient people of Nepal.

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