Haitian Team Members In America

Haitian Team Members In America

JULY 9 - Haitian Team Members are in America!

Hotes Foundation Haitian team members are in America today! James & Lenny are visiting the Seattle office and spending time with us while receiving training. This is their first time traveling to the United States. Follow their adventures here as they experience the contrast between life in Haiti and life in the U.S.A!

Welcoming Haiti Team Members To America! - VLOG 01

After the Haiti Riots threatened their safety and nearly prevented them from leaving the country, James and Lenny have finally made it to America! Follow the Hotes Foundation Haiti Staff as they embark on their first experiences out of their country and continue to impact Lake Azuei Village from Seattle!

James & Lenny Go On Their First Hike - VLOG 02

James and Lenny get the full Pacific Northwest experience on their first hike up Mount Si! Seeing a vast forest filled with tall trees for the first time has inspired our Haitian Team to work harder on our efforts to #ReGrowHaiti. Through teamwork, determination, and lots of sweat, the whole team hiked 3,100 feet up to the top of the mountain.

Haitian Team Members Visit American Daycare - VLOG 03

The Discovery Center Daycare warmly welcomed Hotes Foundation Haiti Team members to learn about early education & childcare in the United States. Exploring the American daycare gave inspiration and ideas to our Haiti daycare manager, Lenny. Check out his experience and reflections below!

James & Lenny in America: Part 1

Meet James and Lenny, two of our Haitian team members that lead programs in Lake Azuei village, Haiti. This summer, the Hotes Foundation invited them to the USA for training. Follow their first trip to the United States through this 3 part series of James & Lenny in America!

James & Lenny in America: Part 2

In Part 2 of our series, our Haiti Team members James & Lenny start their training in the USA and quickly discover the differences between life in Haiti and the United States.

James & Lenny in America: Part 3

Part 3 completes our series of James & Lenny in America. Watch all the fun we had during their visit and listen to James and Lenny's final thoughts on their time here in the United States!

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  1. How great seeing these guys I once worked alongside in Haiti arriving in the US years later ~ excited for them!!

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