Hotes Foundation Honoring Wounded American Heroes and The Girls Who Started The Revolution

Hotes Foundation Honoring Wounded American Heroes and The Girls Who Started The Revolution

Hotes Foundation - American Heroes Series

We have been privileged and proud to post deliveries of track chairs to our severely wounded American heroes. We have many more to post so stay tuned. We have personally delivered 30 over the past couple weeks and are delivering more chairs this week! We will have delivered 100 chairs by the end of September!

We wish to make a very special acknowledgement and recognize the angels who led all of us to this mission which has given us the extraordinary honor of serving those who have served America with so much sacrifice and with unfathomable courage.

It was all started by two little girls whose hearts are clearly much bigger than they are. They were at a Christmas event at Walter Reed Hospital at which one track chair was being given to a single veteran. There was a gathering of hundreds of severely wounded veterans present and it occurred to one of these children to ask her mother, "Why can't they all have one?".

This began a momentous chapter in many of our lives. The two young girls, only 8 and 10 at the time are, Annalise and Amelia Myre. Their mother is Jennifer Griffin, Fox News correspondent, currently reporting from The Pentagon in Washington, D.C., as a national security correspondent. Jennifer approached Mr. Bill O'Reilly of the O'Reilly Factor and with his and Jennifer's considerable influence and leadership the campaign went viral. Now hundreds of wounded veterans have received these and hundreds more will continue to.

At the Hotes Foundation we thank God for Annalise and Amelia every day because without them we would never have had this great honor to serve our American heroes in such a meaningful, such a "life giving" way. It all began in the hearts of two very young and very precious young ladies! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Amelia and Annalise! You have made the world a better place for so many!

Photo of Annalise, Amelia, and Mike.

Mike Delancey is a severely wounded veteran who received a track chair. Shown here is Mike volunteering with us in Haiti.

mike the veteran who received a track chair volunteered in haiti

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