Hotes Foundation Changes Velina’s Life

Hotes Foundation Changes Velina’s Life

In 2008, the Hotes Foundation delivered much needed food, tents, shoes, buckets and toys, to two small mud-hut villages outside of Fond Parisien, Haiti‬. While distributing, a young girl named Velina with severe and infected burns on her foot was brought to our attention. Our medical team treated and provided her with antibiotics to help fight the infection.

Despite being told by the villagers and her own mother that she wasn’t smart enough to attend school, 6 years later and at age 13, Velina was hired to work full-time in the village’s daycare built by the Hotes Foundation.

Velina has proven herself a valuable asset to the daycare team, taking care of and nurturing the young children in the village while making an income.

Though shy, she is very positive and has gained self-confidence by working - a great model for the young children of the village.

The daycare was built as part of an ongoing project to improve the lives of the residents of the two villages. Be sure to follow us to see additional photos of Velina, the beautiful children and the beautiful daycare she works in.

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