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Baby Elijah’s First Surgery in Haiti

Hotes Foundation - Baby Elijah

Baby Elijah has received neurosurgery to treat hydrocephalus in Haiti this morning! He is recovering at the hospital in Haiti. The doctor said everything went well and is expecting a full recovery. Thank you everyone for your love and support for Elijah during our search for a doctor! Pictures below are of Baby Elijah being delivered to the hospital and post-surgery.

Hotes Foundation Would Like to Thank All Who Have Kept Baby Elijah in Their Prayers

The Hotes Foundation thanks with all our hearts the remarkable and loving responses and shares so many people gave to help this sweet little boy’s severe condition. His name is Elijah. Because of the response, along with great support and help from Bobby and Sherry Burnette of Love A Child, Inc., arrangements for a surgeon to...

Miracle Baby Elijah Receiving CT Scan

Baby Elijah getting CT Scan.

baby elijah receiving CT scan

Hotes Foundation on a Desperate Search For a Doctor to Treat Suffering Orphan

A 4 month old baby is suffering from hydrocephalus at an orphanage in Haiti. He is consistently having seizures every 30 seconds that last from 1-3 minutes There are no doctors in country that can perform the surgery needed to drain the fluid from his brain. We are seeking a qualified surgeon who is willing to...