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Hotes Foundation Welcomes Baby Elijah to Seattle

Baby Elijah Visits Seattle! Well, well, well, look who's in ‪‎Seattle‬! Loving Baby Elijah takes in the Emerald City, visits the Hotes Foundation office in ‪Kirkland‬, takes a boat ride on ‪LakeWashington‬ and even pulls in for lunch at ‪‎Ivars Salmon House‬. From being left to die in ‪‎Haiti‬ to living a blessed life with his host...

Thank You to All Who Kept Baby Elijah in Their Thoughts and Prayers

Thanks to everyone that has kept Baby Elijah in their thoughts and prayers! This is one alert baby with hydrocephalus!!!

Thank You Hotes Volunteer Caroline C. Bishop for Ensuring Baby Elijah Receives The Care He Needs

Volunteer Carolyn C. Bishop has been an integral part in getting Baby Elijah the care he needed in the US! Here is Baby Elijah at his pediatrician’s appointment today. Thank you Carolyn, The Hoye Family, Aimee Chagnon and Daniel Nichols for making a miracle possible!