About Heath Abbate

Heath Abbate joined Alaska Structures as Chief Information Officer in February 2012 and became a Hotes Foundation volunteer the same year. During his first relief mission, Heath helped rebuild homes in New York in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. He also traveled to the Philippines in 2013 after Typhoon Haiyan struck. Although he grew up in a military family and lived in several countries, Heath said he had never seen the level of poverty he encountered in the Philippines.

On missions, Heath is often seen wearing a T-shirt with the phrase “I know nothing” on its front, but do not be fooled — he is an integral part of the Hotes Foundation’s team of volunteers. Among his many accomplishments, Heath developed a food program and electronic nutrition monitoring system in two rural Haitian villages to ensure that women and children are getting enough to eat. He also evaluated, tested, modified and provided design input as the Hotes Foundation successfully searched for a manufacturer capable of producing all-terrain chairs suitable for military veterans who lost mobility in service to the United States.

Heath is an avid basketball fan who enjoys playing his favorite sport when he is not working, volunteering or spending time with his family. He said he hopes a future Hotes Foundation mission project involves building a basketball court.