About Carolyn Bishop

Carolyn graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in International Political Economy and a master’s degree in Transatlantic Studies from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Carolyn is fluent in Spanish and has a detectable accent from her two-year study in Southern Spain.

During her time spent living abroad she learned about Spain’s high unemployment rate, which impacted her career choice. She went on to pursue a career with a private business that focused on impacting employment growth and alleviating poverty on an international scale.

Carolyn was hired at Alaska Structures and in just a few years her hard work, dedication to the company, and ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible earned her the position of Vice President of Commercial Programs.

Her staunch loyalty and unswerving work ethic is always focused on empowering her team, who thrive on over sixty-hour workweeks. That same fervor drives success no matter if she is working on company objectives or contributing to a Hotes Foundation mission. Carolyn strongly believes that with the exception of the Hotes Foundation, a volunteer-centered approach to relief does not exist today in the world’s aid system. It is very rare for CEO’s to encourage and fund volunteer trips for their employees.

Carolyn has consistently led volunteers to join the Hotes Foundation mission team on dozens of trips over the last ten years. You can often catch her on a Friday night redeye so that she can spend the weekend caring for malnourished babies and using her ingenuity to create local employment, feeding programs and empowering women in small remote villages in Haiti.