Hotes Foundation volunteers traveled to Peru in 2007 when a magnitude 8.0 earthquake killed more than 500 people, injured almost 1,100 and demolished about 35,000 homes. Thousands more were left homeless after fleeing their residences out of fear of deadly aftershocks. Richard Hotes and his team bridged the gap between victims and government response in the aftermath of the disaster. The group’s efforts further solidified Richard’s belief that volunteers on the ground are essential to disaster recovery.

The Hotes Foundation is often a first responder to international emergencies, and the situation in Peru was no different. Twenty-seven volunteers sprang into action after the quake, arriving in Lima with a cargo plane full of desperately needed shelters and supplies. Volunteers hand-delivered 3,000 large family camping tents and 450 toy sets to the quake victims in the districts of Pisco, San Clemente, Tupac Amoro and Independencia. The Hotes Foundation does this kind of direct volunteer work because we believe that, in the wake of natural disasters, people in deep poverty face higher rates of death and greater challenges than their more affluent peers.

For more information on this mission or to learn how to volunteer with the Hotes Foundation, please call (425) 889-5917 or complete our online form.

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