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All-Terrain Wheel Chair Brings Purpose to Vietnam Veteran

In September of 2016, the Hotes Foundation gifted United States Air Force veteran Larry Cooper with his very own Tracfab All-terrain wheelchair (See video here), one of over 80 such chairs the Hotes Foundation has delivered to wounded veterans. This week, we stopped by Larry’s house to follow up with him...

Thanks, Prayers, and All-Terrain Track Chairs for Veteran’s Day!

Thanks, prayers, and all-terrain Track Chairs are items Richard Hotes brought to the home of retired U.S. Air Force Sgt. Larry ‘Coop’ Cooper.

Coop was 19 years old when a Huey Gunship exploded above him in the Vietnam War, crushing his lower back, knees and legs. Although he was initially diagnosed with a temporary wound, Coop has undergone 20 surgeries since the injury, including an operation that fused his left leg straight to avoid amputation. It’s our hope that his new track chair will bring mobility and independence to improve his life.

To honor all those who have served this Veteran’s Day, we’re telling the stories of our heroic veterans - the ones who fought, and continue to fight, for our freedom. Over 10 million veterans in America suffer from a service-related disability.

An Inspiring Veteran’s Day Story – Going For Gold!

Watch the inspiring story of Dallas, a Marine veteran who’s fighting for gold in the next Paralympic Games, and the Track Chair that will guide him on his journey.

After surviving two car bomb explosions in Iraq, 4-years later Andrew ‘Dallas’ Rosacker suffered a massive stroke from war-related injuries, leaving him paralyzed on the left half of his body. Undeterred, he got in the pool and started swimming with one arm and one leg. Now, he’s on the road to the Paralympics with a brand new, all-terrain Track Chair, courtesy of the Hotes Foundation.

To all of our Veterans, we at the Hotes Foundation want to thank you for your service and sacrifice. Meeting you and learning your stories has truly been an honor, and we hope that these Track Chairs will bring independence and mobility back into your lives.

Over 10 million veterans of military service in America suffer from a service-related disability.