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Closing The Poverty Gap With Technology

Written By Leslie Zadorozny, Hotes Foundation Media Team Manager It’s mid morning as preschoolers sit at their colorful, height-appropriate tables and curiously surround a tablet opened to an alphabet learning application. Each child takes their turn tracing various letters across the touch screen followed by cheers & celebration from their teachers and peers. Later in the...

See How a Cistern Helps Feed A Village of 700

Deforestation in Haiti has caused periodic droughts and floods throughout the country, ruining crops for struggling small farmers. As it is often the only source of income and nutrition in Haiti, the ability to grow food is crucial for rural villagers to survive. The Hotes Foundation is working hard to fix this issue. In 2015, the Hotes Foundation sponsored a cistern-building project where Haitian volunteers worked alongside trained masons to dig and pave a 30,000-gallon open-air cistern. The cistern collects rainwater for watering crops that are harvested for the feeding program in the village and reforestation projects in the surrounding land. The first cistern was so effective that the Hotes Foundation built a second one!