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Helping Thousands in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Just two days after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, the Hotes Foundation team was on the ground. After seeing the severity of the destruction and the usual lack of any help...

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Newly Shaded Playground Brings Fun & Fitness to Kids in Haiti!

It’s high noon on another sun-soaked, 95-degree day in Haiti, and the playground is packed. Three-year-old Richie puts on his sunglasses and hops behind the wheel of a metal toy car. His...

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English Garden in a Haitian Mud-Hut Village

New grass, iron benches, blooming flowers, a wooden fence, and a hand-painted gate. These are commonplace items among the parks & gardens of the United States, but for a poverty-stricken...

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Power of Volunteering: Haitian Volunteers Fight to Lift Village out of Poverty

Nearly every child and adult showed some sign of malnutrition and the level of energy was so low that many would not have had the energy to work even if...

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Harvest Time In Haiti!

Over the weekend, volunteers from the Haitian mud hut village harvested 480 pieces of Cassava from the village garden managed by Hotes Foundation Haitian staff and volunteers. Cassava is a...

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Nepal 1 Year Later…

One year ago today, two massive earthquakes hit the isolated mountain country of Nepal. These devastating quakes took nearly 9,000 lives, injured over 22,000, and left more than half a...

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The Hotes Foundation

The Hotes Foundation™ is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that does not accept donations.

Our focus is simple: more volunteers with us, serving the poorest of the poor.
Change “giving” to “going.”™

Over the past 12 years, the Hotes Foundation has performed over 70 missions in more than 10 countries, including: Pakistan, Peru, Mexico, Bangladesh, Philippines, Taiwan, Haiti, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Every mission is funded entirely by the Hotes Foundation through the founder’s (Richard W. Hotes) personal contributions.

The poor will remain poor unless YOU personally go and deliver relief to them.

For more information on volunteering for mission trips, please contact us.